World Sports Betting IJC – How it works


Two teams of riders do battle in the World Sports Betting International Jockey Challenge at Turffontein on Saturday. See below for a short description on how it all works


The SA team is captained by Muzi Yeni and he`s joined by Gavin Lerena, Warren Kennedy, Greg Cheyne, Callan Murray and S’manga Khumalo.

The International team is led by Rab Havlin a Scot and he`s joined by Paul Hanagan, Martin Dwyer, Franny Norton and Hayley Turner all English and the Italian Andrea Atzeni.

How are the rides awarded

There was a draw for mounts in each of the Challenge races to try and ensure both teams have roughly the same calibre of rides overall.

When to watch

Races 5-8 inclusive at Turffontein on Saturday

How a winner is decided

Points are awarded as follows: first – 30; second – 15; third – 12; fourth – 10; fifth – 8; sixth – 7; seventh – 6; eighth – 5; ninth – 4; 10th – 3; 11th – 0; 12th – 0. If a jockey does not ride in a race, he gets seven points. The team that scores the most points wins the Challenge. There is also an award for Top Rider

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